Of all the different styles of ‘street art’ I have come across These ‘Lock on’ pieces by Danish artist, Tejn are in my opinion, the most creative and thoughtful pieces I have seen.   The small figurine sculptures  made from recycled materials found on the street appear as though they are interacting with the surrounding environment. The most appealing part of viewing these lock on pieces is that these sculptures have really taken on the personality of the street, yet also project a sense of humor into their mundane and sometimes ugly environment, Making the figurines very endearing.

The idea behind lock on street art is to literally padlock and chain the art works to existing street furniture forcing the public to interact with the street furniture in a different way than normal. Unfortunately this also carries the danger of art work being stolen or ‘collected’ by potential thieves… No wonder Tejn uses found materials.

Tejn%2C_lock_on%2C_street_art%2C_arab_spring Tejn%2C_Lock_On%2C_street_art%2C_consume


3 thoughts on “LOCK ON – TEJN

    • He is based in Copenhagen, there are some there for sure. I haven’t found any info yet on the exact locations, Wiki just says ‘he has left his mark in most major European cities’ so keep your eyes peeled I guess 😀

  1. So good that my streetart heart wants to sing! Stubled upon a lock on street sculpture from Tejn in Warsaw / Poland once. Something with a rusty, non-functional kalashnikov with some political tekst stencilled on. Mounted with heavy chains in a hoods part of town. The stencil message was peace-related. Scary good. Cant imagine how he got it passed the border, if it wasn´t welded on the spot. Definitely art with attitude. Hope to find him in again someday, somewhere. Thanks for the blog, Coral!

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