Street Photography can be classified as an art form all of its own (if you listen to Wikipedia at least) But it truly is a subject so vast and diverse as street life itself. I’ve been experimenting with a little street photography myself and whilst looking for a little inspiration discovered a series of pictures by Chinese Photographer; Ying Tang, titled: Under the sun.

The obvious part of the collection is that Ying Tang has been spending lots of time chasing shadows, Using the position of the sun and buildings to his advantage he has created some very striking photos of life on city streets in China. The image above in my personal favorite  showing a sunny street full of back-lit people and their long shadows stretching across the pristine, litter free pavement, among all of the tall shadows we see the silhouette of a young boy on his bicycle, cutting across someones shadow.

These photographs remind me that It’s really worth bearing in mind that places look different at different times of day,an idea also entertained by french impressionist painter Claude Monet. I shall be retreading my steps with my camera one evening quite soon, looking for things I would miss in the middle of the day.

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