Susan Brown – Umbrellas

This oil painting by Liverpool based artist Susan Brown delicately portrays a group of pedestrian’s battle through wind and rain, using their colourful umbrellas for protection against the elements.

I really identified with this artwork when I first saw it, partly because I love the texture of the paint and long brush strokes really emphasise the heavy rain and for anyone raised in the UK this painting is a very nostalgic scene

The scene is highly typical of UK weather, the British population love to complain about it! The bright Umbrellas symbolise the British sense of humour that the nation tries to apply to unfortunate situations. but also, how individuals attempt to stand out from the crowd.

The bright primary colours for the umbrellas contrast with the grey, dreary background and black coats of the two figure at the bottom of the picture, drawing your eye to the centre of the image.


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