The one that got away

Janet Ledger: one got away

Oil on canvas, by British artist Janet Ledger.

I have recently discovered Janet Ledger and her works, after browsing some of her collection. I notice that she has produced many pieces that feature a street scene with a focal point and a contrasting red object such as a red London bus, Royal mail letterbox or a red coat.

In this piece titled the one that got away, In the foreground there is a red letterbox with a single stamped letter that has fallen on the floor after missing the letter slot. It is such a mysterious painting. I have many questions when I see it; who posted the letter? Did someone pick it up? Where is it addressed to? did the person on the bike drop it?

The foggy, faint outline of Westminster skyline in the background adds to the mystery of the subject. I would love to try this style of painting myself, picking out a bright object against an ‘everyday’ street scene

Factory Gate 1976 by Janet Ledger born 1931 Janet-Ledger-JNL4-3HQ



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