Jan Pienowski

Jan Pienowski is a childrens book author and illustrator, He is most famous for the Meg & Mog series he co wrote with friend  and fellow author, the late Helen Nicoll. I loved the Meg & Mog books as a child. The covers and illustrations were done in that instantly recognizable and distinctive style: all thick bold lines, hand drawn figures, bright block colours. How surprised I was to see his other illustrative work, I couldn’t believe it was the same artist. Below are some reproductions from the book ‘The kingdom under the sea’, Where Pienowski has used this silhouette style to great effect. I have fallen in love with these drawings, The swirling, marble effect backgrounds are almost as interesting and confusing as the intricate black silhouettes.

This style has really inspired me to try this effect. I think that in a poster the whimsical, fairytale like illustrations would look so interesting and juxtaposed alongside a really bold san-serif typeJan Sillhouetes

Pienkowski,J, 1973. The kingdom under the sea [ book illustration]  (Puffin Books)


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