Mathias Bengtsson – Spun Chaise Lounge

Bengtsson,Mathias. Spun Chaise Lounge, Carbon fiber, (87 x 85 x 210 cm)2003 Image source: (last acessed 16th November 2012)

Above we have a pretty cool funiture sculpture called ‘spun chaise lounge by the Danish designer Mathias Bengtsson. Further research into the materials and methods used by the designer reveal the conflicting elements in this sculpture

  • Bengtsson used carbon fibre a manmade, strong, textile material that is known for it’s strength and lightness, this is key in the function of the piece as something you would potentially sit on
  • When I first looked at this design I thought that the design looked really uncomfortable and very clinical since it’s all in black. However it has infact been made from materials that will mould to your body shape for comfort.
  • The way the designer has wrapped and spun the carbon fibre around it’s frame, leaving gaps makes the chaise look translucent and unstable. You feel like, you can’t sit on it or you might fall off!
  • I personally think that you can admire this chair as an individual art work in itself, it’s not JUST a pieice of furniture.
  • You could definitley say the spun chaise lounge is harmoniuos looking overall but it’s juxtapossed in the way that it looks like it shouldn’t function well as a a piece of furniture but the designer has created such a well thought, complex, yet also minimalistic when it comes to the overall design and number of materials used.

Sources: (last acessed 16th November 2012)  (last acessed 16th November 2012) (last acessed 16th November 2012)


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