The eagerly awaited bond film ‘Skyfall’ opened in cinemas across europe this week. Actor, Daniel Craig  returns for his 3rd appearance as agent 007 in the new movie production Skyfall and ist he 23rd James bond film in the series which began 50 years ago in 1962 with Dr No. Audiences across the world have been waiting the see if Skyfall can deliver the same perfect recipie of violence,sex, and danger.

The opening scene throws viewers in to the the centre of a mission gone wrong, Bond (Daniel Craig) and his collegue, Eve (Naomie Harris) are involved in an exhilerating  pursuit, with car crashes, gunfire and even motorbikes racing across the rooftops of Istanbul. In the scene Bond is deperatley trying to recover a stolen hard drive that contains details of all NATO and MI6 agents working undercover.This 10 minute scene is beutifully shot and coreographed and never loses it momentum, aided by the soundtrack which includes rapid,heavy drums and strings . The scene is a crescendo,leading up to the finalle where Bond catches up with the thief and takles him on the roof of a travelling train, through tunnels the surroundling landscape of Turkey. Eve is watching from a nearby bridge, armed with a rifle, trying to get a shot at the villian before they dissapear into the approaching tunnel. M (Judy Dench) orders Eve to shoot. A loud shot is fired Bond’s body is seen plummeting from the viaduct in to the rapid river waters below where the opening credits sequence begins.

In my opninion the opening scene delivers everything audiences had been waiting for in a bond film; beautiful cinematography that captures the essence of the location, and briliantly combines the choas of the bazzar markets of Istanbul with the intensity of the chase. The majority of the stunts, especially with the motorbikes are captured with wide angle and minimal cutting shots instead of a rapidly cut scene, watching the movie, I felt fully aware of the events as they unfolded with an added sense of suspense that I wouldn’t have felt had the scenes been shot closer to the subject.

Overall impressions of Skyfall:

  • I enjoyed the small references to the old bond films by including old jokes, theme song and the Aston martin from goldfinger.
  • The film shows influences from film noir: the cynical protagonist, the femme fatale (bond girl), the neon lights of shanghai, bond’s alcohol abuse.
  • The locations were beautiful, the cintematography is very crisp. Seeing they skylines of  Turkey, Shanghai and Macau were so fresh and interesting.
  • The action sequences were fantastic, and also very believable. Bond doesn’t always come out of it cleanly.
  • Bond’s character is developing, the film reveals small pieces of information about bond’s past and psycology that reinforce his actions and decision through the story.
  • The storyline is shakey, we are intoduced to a mission for a missing hard drive, but that seems to be forgoten half way through the film.
  • I didn’t like that they killed the bond girl so early in the film. the film lost it’s glamour and felt a bit slow after her death. it felt like she was just there as a tool to enable the introduction of the bond villan
  • The 2nd half of the movie is filmed on location in london and scotland, this caused a real drop in the mood because of the weather always looking so grim. It signaled that something bad was going to happen much earlier than it needed to.

Inevitably conflict is present throughout all bond films and Skyfall is no exeption.The director Sam Mendesl has updated this movie to involve more current issues such as cyber hacking, bomb attacks and terrorism. This gives essential drive to the story line and aids the characters development. It would be an extreemly boring Bond film if there wasn’t any form of conflict!

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